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Dolphins 0-6, are we in 2007?

Miami Dolphins are officially 0-6.  This is a bizarre re-run of the twilight zone and it feels like 2007!

 This game had shades of Miami v. the Jets 2000 on MNF.  A 15 point lead blown in the final 5:34.  This is not unbelievable, but it is despicable. 

Matt Moore played like Chad Pennington (22-33, 1-0) and Brandon Marshall does his best to catch every ball, but didn’t catch a TD.

Tony Sparano goes for TWO thinking he needed 14 points to win the game.  He settles for 15 and the loss.
 (He might need to walk home as his car has been impounded by Stepen Ross and parking spot might be gone.)

Two blown opportunities and lack of rhythm produce three first downs in OT, but a misread by Moore and maybe a missed block on D.J. Williams (of the U and upset because of Florida Day, gets the forced fumble for Tebow and the Florida Team being celebrated.)

Ok, so I am still picking up the pieces of my remote control, baby monitor, and whatever I tossed at the wall in the 4th quarter.

I am officially NOT on the Suck For Luck train, but I am waiting on the platform with ticket in hand!