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Dolphins address receiver; sign Matthews, waive Foster

With Phillip Livas and Roberto Wallace shining in the preseason opener, prompting speculation that the Dolphins could be strongly considering keeping six receivers on the 53-man roster, one of the last positions you’d think Jeff Ireland would address would be receiver.

Throw in fourth-round pick Clyde Gates scoring a touchdown in his first professional contest and even the solid play of Marlon Moore, and it’s hard to fathom a reason why the Dolphins would need to tweak the unit.

Jeff Ireland clearly doesn’t see it that way, though, signing former Jacksonville Jaguars’ wideout John Matthews and waiving Brooks Foster, who was really nothing more than a camp body at the position.

The 6-0, 200 pound San Diego product didn’t catch a pass in three games as a rookie last season. The Dolphins’ receiving corps appears loaded with depth, so Matthews making the team is a long shot at best.

Clearly Ireland and Sparano felt that the receivers bordering on the roster fringe weren’t being pushed enough by the camp bodies. Either that or Brooks Foster could have been injured at practice today and the Dolphins didn’t want to drop a number at the position. Those are really the only two logical explanations I can come up with.