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Dolphins bandwagon filling up



There was once a time when the only time you heard the Miami Dolphins mentioned by the National Media was when they were being ridiculed or mocked. Well that time was not that long ago, in fact the Dolphins were hardly given any respect even this past offseason.

Missing out on Jeff Fisher, and Peyton Manning many media members around the league laughed saying the Dolphins were the team that kept swinging and missing.

Well flash forward to today where the Dolphins sit in the 5th place of the AFC and a potential playoff contender.

It seems for the first time the Dolphins are getting plenty of respect. Peter King has had the Dolphins in his top 15 of his power rankings for 2 straight weeks now and it would be hard pressed to find a power ranking with the Dolphins below 12th spot.

Even Vegas is jumping on the Dolphins bandwagon, Per @BovadaLV, the #Dolphins have 2/3 odds to make playoffs.

The Dolphins have also proved many of the doubters wrong including Yahoo’s Mike Silver who tweeted, RT @MikeSilver I was wrong, dolphins fans. Your team is good.

The formula seems pretty simple; find yourself a QB, win some games and you gain some respect.

The season is still very young and there is certainly a lot to prove however it would appear the Dolphins are turning a lot of heads around the league.