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Dolphins Chad Johnson Arrested in Davie, Florida

This evening, the unthinkable happened, Chad Johnson formerly known as Chad OchoCinco was arrested for alleged domestic violence.  According to Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post, Chad was play fighting with his wife Evelyn Lozada.  However, something turned serious and Chad head butted his wife on the forehead and she called police.  Details appear to be personal in nature.

This is new territory for Chad Johnson, in that he has never been arrested as an NFL player. 

Any arrest, especially dealing with the possible domestic violence charge looming, could constitute being cut from the team and or be suspended a number of games.

Frankly, this is a sad chapter if the accusations are true, and sad for the hometown favorite Chad Johnson.

More to follow as the details of the story are announced.  However, Chad Johnson has been arrested and he might soon be on the street as an ex-Dolphin player.