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Dolphins changing of the guard a good thing?

As the Dolphins have their first minicamp with rookies, one thing is for sure; there are several team captains.

As if leadership were the prerequisite for the Dolphins GM Dennis Hickey, he moved toward unprecedented levels in draft picks, four captains and three small school players.

One thing that one could appreciate about the draft is that almost every need was met. With picks such as Ja’wuan James a right tackle and team captain, Jarvis Landry a poor-man’s Anquan Boldin from LSU, and Tripp from Montana. It’s clear Hickey has a plan to infuse a younger corps group of players not seen since the Jimmy Johnson era (drafting Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor).

However, despite some of the promise and potential that Hickey claims as the reason for these selections, it is clear that he’s reaching for justification and sympathy that he came to Miami with nothing and nary a support system since he was the only candidate that truly wanted to take on the mess on Miami.

What can be garnered from the draft is that the Dolphins didn’t hurt themselves, but none of these names jump out at any of the Dolphins foes in the AFC East.

As the Patriots, Bills, and Jets got better, the Dolphins seem to have stayed about the same.

For many Dolphins fans, the same won’t be good enough if they are to improve from an 8-8 record.

For the Dolphins media that want to one day write something positive about the Dolphins and not the Miami Heat, the Dolphins are the Dolphins until they sweep through the division and make the playoffs.