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Dolphins Shine in Win

It’s a plane, it’s a train… it’s the Dolphin Defense!  The reemergence of the Dolphins D!

After a disappearing act by the Miami Dolphins D forcing turnovers, the Dolphins like an act in Houdini have reappeared!

The Miami Dolphins defense rose to the occasion backed by a huge interception in the red zone by Karlos Dansby in the 4th quarter.

It just keeps getting better for this team.  Dolphins go from a horrible tasting, cheap two buck wine, to a more full bodied merlot in a couple of weeks. 

A win at home?  This is unheard of and it took 7 losses at home to get the win…finally.  A home win! 

What a difference a couple of weeks makes!

Where was this intensity and urgency to win games early in the season from the defense?  Was it coaching? Player personnel? 

Who cares at this point?

Have the offense and defense caught up to eachother and started to feed off each other?  It looks like the players are gelling and they are playing to win games and by more than a touchdown.

Truly, this team is a Jekyl and Hyde of going 0-7 until the month of November. 

November has been magical and the next two opponents prove challenging: Buffalo and Dallas. 

Could the rest of the schedule give way to a six win season? 

The red zone touchdowns are happening, with two touchdowns today by Reggie Bush who looked fresh in the 4th quarter to score from 18 yards out.

Big plays from Anthony Fasano (3 catches for 98 yards) and Brandon Marshall (7catches for 98 yds) are happening down the field as well as huge third down conversions from Davone Bess (4 catches for 47 yards) allowing the Dolphins  to go 8/14 on 3rd down.

Matt Moore (20-29-0-1) played efficiently, making his throws despite the costly interception early in the game.

He managed the offense and lead the team on the field.  He did the little things such as scrambling to get first downs or manageable third downs.

Next up is the Buffalo Bills, if I am the Bills I’d be “very very afraid” of the Miami Dolphins Defense (Billy Madison-Adam Sandler). 

Next week, at home, is going to be a blast and hopefully a big win for the Dolphins!

Go Dolphins and yes Fins Up!!!