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Dolphins dominate Bills, but what does it mean?

First off, I’d like to do something you want find me doing very much ever, thank you Jeff Ireland for trading for Reggie Bush.  While a lot of doubted can be placed on Ireland and most warranted, one place he did not screw up is with Reggie Bush.  Reggie had his first career 200 yard game and has just continued to play with his heart on the field every game. Reggie will end up being a 1’000 yard back for the first time in his career and has proven he can certainly carry the rock.


Personally, Reggie has become one of my favorite players to watch this year and can’t wait to see more of him in the Aqua and Orange.

The Dolphins certainly have the Bills number as the score was much closer then the game actually was. Vontae Davis had a highlight interception and Brian Hartline came down with a couple of beautiful grabs. The Dolphins really seemed to be clicking as they took down the Bills for the second time this season.

While it is important to enjoy all Dolphins wins, it is also important to have some perspective on Mondays. The Dolphins now move back to the 10th pick of the NFL draft next year, as Washington won their game however Cleveland did not. The Dolphins might be playing themselves out of RG3 or Matt Barkley.

The Dolphins face the Patriots and Jets in their final two games of the season so there is still room to move up on the draft board. In my eyes the number 1 priority of this team should be to find the next franchise QB, so I hope we don’t have to look back in April and wish the Dolphins didn’t win some of these games.

We shall see it is only week 15 and there is still a lot of time for change!