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Dolphins extend GM Jeff Ireland’s contract

At this point in the season, being 3-0 is uncharacteristic for the Dolphins franchise since it last happened in 2002.  However, on the business side of things, the Dolphins decided to release to media sources that Jeff Ireland's contract has been extended for 1 year through the 2014 season.

Remarkably, it was Jeff Ireland prior to hiring head coach Joe Philbin, that was on the outs with the fanbase, criticized by the media, and villified by certain free agents who didn't like what was going on in Miami during free-agency.

Since the hiring of Philbin, Ireland has been largely responsible for drafting quarterback Ryan Tannehill, the signing of wide receivers Mike Wallace and Brandon Gibson, and defensive players such as Dannell Ellerbe and Phillip Wheeler.  While Ireland has had failed signings such as Brandon Marshall, Jake Grove, and Justin Smiley, he has had more success with his drafts of Reshad Jones, Jimmy Wilson, and Jonathan Martin (whom has filled in admirably for Jake Long).  

What is difficult to gauge about Ireland's extension is what the plan will be going forward.  Clearly, the Dolphins have issues at the offensive line position with 14 sacks of quarterback Ryan Tannehill in 3 games.  In addition, Ireland is responsible for upgrading this offensive line two times over after failing with the signings of Justin Smiley and Jake Grove in 2008. n the past year, Ireland found kicker Caleb Sturgis hanging around in round six, Dion Sims in round four, and traded for a hard-working Dion Jordan at line backer/ defensive line position.  

Going forward, as Jeff Ireland pieces together his college scouting plan for this season, look for him to provide more depth at key and critical positions such as line backer, safety, running back, and the offensive line.  

While it might be a hunch, players on the defensive line might be added in the draft because from what we know from Ireland's style, if there is a player that has the potential to be better and cheaper, he'll churn the roster to make it happen.  

Whether the fanbase likes the extension of Ireland or not, do know this, Jeff Ireland is directly responsible for this roster getting to where they are: a contender in the NFL that just so happens to be 3-0.