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Dolphins kick the tires on Braylon Edwards

The drama of the Ryan Tannehill hold out is now over and the Dolphins coaches have already expressed there happiness of having Ryan in the mix at camp.

Armado tweeted,Coach Joe Philbin says his first impression is that Ryan Tannehill “threw the ball pretty well.” I concur.

Tannehill has a bit of catching up to do if he wants a chance at competing for the starting job however I don’t think all is lost by the 2 days he has fell behind.

Other Dolphins news today is that the Phins have decided to kick the tires on reciever Braylon Edwards. Edwards who is past his prime and has had issues throughout his career might be just another body brought in or might say something about B Hartline’s injury.

It will be interesting to see what will come of the Edwards workouts however I don’t think he will be given a contract. His size and skill could be asset but he is the true defenition of a diva WR.