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Dolphins lack of play makers proves costly as they come up short yet again this week


Another Sunday and another disappointing Dolphins loss. The Dolphins once again showed fight and no quit and played a competitive game against one the NFL's top teams but also once again came up short in the 4th quarter and displayed a clear lack of playmakers on this roster.

Whoever you want to point the finger to, the blame game will continue in Miami as it seems every week it you get the same typical Dolphins.

The story has basically wrote itself out throughout the entire Jeff Ireland era as it seems Dolphins fans can expect the same product on the field Sunday after Sunday, year after year.

Head coach Joe Philbin was quoted after the game saying, " It’s just a lack of play-making at critical times, and that’s evident.”

Well Joe is absolutely 100% correct but what are the Dolphins going to do about. Earlier this week reports came out from Miami Herald's Armando Salguero that there haven't been any talks of Jeff Ireland being replaced.

Some of the fan base understand this Ireland has consistently formed flawed rosters not set up to make a serious title run and others seem to be satisfied with the mediocrity that seems to follow this Dolphins teams.  

This upcoming offseason is a huge one as it could set up the direction of this organization for the next 3-5 years. How can the fan base trust Ireland however ?

 Kevin Burnett said after the game, "It's not like we're getting our butt kicked every week." When will settling for being competitive against a good team end. When will the Dolphins be on the opposite end of quotes like that.

The NFL is a black and white league. The fact is Bill Parcell's was right when he said you are what your record is.

This week's loss clinches the Dolphins fourth straight non-winning season, and sixth in seven years.

2012 feels a lot like 2011. The team has faught and given solid efforts yet come up short when it comes down to crunch time. QB play has shown flashes at times and has been very shaky at others, the roster still lacks playmakers and the D either comes out very solid or flat. 

When does the change actually happen in Miami ? Here's to hoping it starts this offseason but I wouldn't bet on it.