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Dolphins lose but Henne shines

The O Line stunk, the running game did nothing, but Chad Henne was G—rrrrrrreat!

Henne finished the 3rd preseason game a very solid 10 of 13 passing for 175 yards and a touchdown. Henne also had a 143.9 passer rating.

Coming off of a decent outing against Carolina, Henne showed up against Tampa with something to prove. Henne wasted no time attempting to make some plays down field.

On the opening drive, Henne threw a nice pass to Fasano for 22 yards followed by a 60-yard touchdown bomb to Brandon Marshall. Henne was able to connect with Marshall again later in the game on a 30-yard pass that Marshall later fumbled. It certainly looks like Henne and Marshall are starting to build a decent relationship together.

Not too long ago in a Dolphins’ scrimmage in training camp, Henne and Marshall connected several times and were all the talk around town. Well, in Saturday’s game, they took their work from the scrimmage to the playing field.

It is blatant that the Henne to Marshall connection has been stressed all off-season and the Dolphins offense will hopefully reap the benefits from it this year. Brian Daboll has figured out that Brandon Marshall will be essential for Chad Henne’s growth.

Henne also took a leadership role in the huddle. Henne was able to make good reads most of the night and called audiles at the right times during the game.

What might have been the most impressive part of Henne’s game, however, was the fact that he didn’t turn the football over for the second consecutive week. Henne has been plagued by the bad read or throw but has avoided both the past two games.

Dolphins’ fans can only hope this strong, consistent play continues from Henne.