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Dolphins lose to the Patriots as mediocrity continues in Miami

While the scoreboard read 23-16 the Dolphins played a much uglier game than the score would suggest. Yes the Dolphins kept this game close when most thought it would be a blowout but I am not sure why that is something to be proud about.

The Dolphins who have spent the last 10 years plus rebuilding and churning the roster shouldn’t have their fans settle for accepting a close game with the AFC rival Patriots. When a successful Sunday is being able to cover the spread against the division champs then you have already lost.  Once again the Dolphins have assured themselves as season of mediocrity while attempting to “build the roster “. The problem is how much has this roster grown.  

Yes, they finally have found a Quarterback, however we don’t even fully know what they have in Tannehill as it is clear he lacks the playmakers to help him reach his full potential. We have seen strides from the rookie where the future looks bright and we have seen moments like in this past Sunday’s game where we question if Tannehill or the playmakers are the problem. The fact is we really don’t know what we have yet in Tannehill. That being said, in that department I am optimistic. Tannehill has looked like a rookie at times however I am still confident he has the skill set and the goods needed to be a franchise QB.

The major problem seems to go back the man in charge of putting together this roster. The offensive line seems to need work for the 5th straight year despite every attempt to clean it up, the teams playmakers are few and far between and while the defense is probably good enough to win it is not good enough to carry this team the way a 49ers, Bears or Steelers D could.

The Dolphins face many huge offseason decisions: Do you bring back Jake Long? Do you resign Sean Smith, Reggie Bush and other FA’s? Do you sign a big name WR (Wallace, Jennings or Bowe); do you find a pass rusher in the 1st round of the draft?

There are many directions this team can go and mainly because there are many holes this roster needs to address.  The issue is can you really trust Jeff Ireland with such an important offseason that can mold the next 3-5 years. What has Ireland done to deserve that? Why must we always settle as Dolphins fans ?