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Dolphins make another move for #SuckForLuck

Dolphins have made another move towards landing Andrew Luck. Today they put Sage Rosenfels on the IR and signed JP Losman. This move clearly helps the Dolphins as now they are just one big hit away from having Losman as their starting QB.

Move after move, the Dolphins organization has made really would make you think they are trying to land the first pick of the NFL draft next year. That doesn’t even include the fact that Tony Sparano is still the head coach of this team.

At this point their isn’t much Dolfans can do but sit back and watch this team crumble even more. The only real winnable game on this schedule would appear to be week 10 against a banged up Redskin team at home. That being said the Dolphins have had a nack for messing up games that
they should win as we saw last week. Week 10 the Redskins will be without both Santana Moss and Hightower, it will be a real opportunity for a W for the Phins if they leave without a win in week 10 if not 0-16 might be a sad reality.

So do yourself a favour Dolfans and turn on some tape of Stanford’s Andrew Luck or USC’s Matt Barkley or Landry Jones of OU. College football can be entertaining and one of those guys should be the next starting QB for the Dolphins.

Stay Classy Miami !