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Dolphins need to stay focused as another big game awaits


The Dolphins put a smile on all their fans faces as they dominated and embarrassed the Jets in their own building with a solid 30-9 victory. After a week of smash talking and bitterness between two rivals however it’s time to move one.

The Dolphins had all of Sunday and Monday to celebrate and let their big win sink in but that being said it’s important that this team does not lose focus. With the W the Dolphins moved into 5th spot of the AFC currently holding a wildcard spot. Right under them are the 4-3 Colts led by Andrew Luck.

The Dolphins can’t afford an emotional letdown this week with a potential matchup against the Colts having late season playoff implications. That being said I have full confidence that Joe Philbin will ensure that this week’s win and a current 3 game winning will not be allowed to get to the players heads. While Joe does have a cool confidence to his demeanor, I would almost guarantee you that he will have his team ready and focused for another big AFC matchup.

The Dolphins won’t have the opportunity to burn former 1st round draft pick Vontae Davis as it has been reported that it is very likely that Davis will miss the game with an injury.

It’s now week 9 in the NFL and who would have thought a Dolphins vs. Colts matchup might have serious playoff implications.  The Colts won’t be a walk over game however if this defense can keep up its very strong play this is a game the Dolphins SHOULD win.

The Dolphins also will get an opportunity to jump start their running game against a pretty weak run stopping unit in Indy. The Dolphins are now back home having avoided hurricane Sandy and need to get back to work.

5-3 would be quite the start to the season for this Dolphins team that didn’t get much respect coming into the season. I guess the sky might not be falling in Miami after all.

Let the good times roll and make this a 4 game winning streak.