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Dolphins O line says bring it on to the Jets !



All week long the Jets have been doing what the Jets do best, run their mouths. Whether it’s Rex Ryan, Laron Landry, or Aaron Maybin each of them have taken their respective shots at Dolphins stud running back and perhaps little bit of a pretty boy Reggie Bush.

While bounty might be a bit of a stretch, the Jets players have mentioned on several occasions they plan on hurting or injuring Bush while be it in a “legal way”.

The Dolphins held back from really engaging in a war of words as they have portraying a quiet confidence which must be reflective of their head coach and what they were instructed. No one needs to tell this Dolphins team how important this game is. The Dolphins came out to practice today to “New York New York” by Frank Sinatra followed by a James Brown song “Revenge “. The Dolphins definitely want to shut up this Jets team.

Today Reggie Bush tweeted the following below, a humble yet effective way of letting everyone know he isn’t afraid of know one and that he is ready to bring it this Sunday.

Reggie Bush ‏@reggie_bush

Imma let the homie T.I talk to em' http://youtu.be/K8tjxXLPEtg 


His offensive line however isn’t so quiet and humble and did not falter at the opportunity to protect and defend their star back. As Randy Starks said

"It’s not cool. But I'm sure the offensive line will take care of that,"

Below I have listed a couple of quotes from Mike Pouncey, Cam Wake and Richie courtesy of Ben Volin and Omar Kelly.

Mike Pouncey on Aaron Maybin: "He won't even play enough to hurt Reggie."


Mike Pouncey on Aaron Maybin: "He won't even play enough to hurt Reggie."


Richie Incognito reminded Cameron Wake that he played with Aaron Maybin. His response to 68: "better watch out. He's coming for you."


"I have to be on punt block to say something to him," Dolphins center Mike Pouncey said of Maybin.


We hear all the talking. We understand its part of Jets week. All the talking stops on Sunday," Richie Incognito said.


The talking is fun and everyone wants to shut up the Jets but talk is just talk, let’s not forget it’s what the Dolphins do this Sunday that is the most important. This is a business trip and the Dolphins need to come home with the W.