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Dolphins Player Profile: DE Jared Odrick

Each week, as a way of bringing out the best in the Miami Dolphins, I plan on featuring a player the fans can be proud about.

This week, Jared Odrick is the guy that captures my attention and I have big expectations for not only in Houston later today, but throughout the season.

With size compared to almost like a Jason Seymour standing 6’5″ 302 lbs, Odrick is a beast for any offensive line pushing from any defensive line position.  

While, Odrick missed much of his first season with a broken fibula in practice, his first game versus the Buffalo Bills showed some promise contributing right away with a tackle.However, with his season cut short, Odrick was automatically labeled a bust and injury prone in the eyes of most Dolfans.  

However, last season with a clean bill of health and more comfort within the defense, Odrick flourished in the Mike Nolan coached defense with a share of sacks out of the DE position.
Odrick recorded 6 sacks, 22 tackles, and 1 forced fumble.  Not to mention an awesome sack dance that brought us all back to our childhoods with the Pee Wee Herman Tequila scene dance.

Last season Odrick came up big providing support in the areas of pass rush and stopping the run.

One particular reason for his dominance was the isolation of Cam Wake who was double teamed frequently and allowed Odrick a gap to make plays.

This season, if Jared Odrick can make plays on the new 4-3 defensive scheme employed by Dolphins defensive coach Kevin Coyle, then Dolfans will hear Odrick’s name for good reasons: sacks and tackles.

Despite the terrible start the Dolphins defense has had this preseason, it’s now time for the players on the defense to show the physical side that this defense has been known for.  Going into his third season,

Odrick needs to show he can be that guy that will be consistent and be a leader of this defense.

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Happy Dolphins Sunday!