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Dolphins Player Profile: Richie Incognito

Taking a look at the roster and who stood out in last week’s game versus the Texans, Richie Incognito provided quite a few soundbites and commentary in the post game, but mostly from the other team.

Whether Incognito was cleaning up the mess that was Tannehill’s 3 interceptions by tackling Antonio Smith of the Texans or blocking on the left side of the line to keep his quarterback upright, Incognito continues the blue collar work ethic and lunch pail approach that makes him a three year starter on the Miami Dolphins offensive line.

Incognito brings it at the snap of the ball and can block with good speed on the run or hold his own on the pass.  Incognito forces his opponent to play his game on every snap which seems like wrestling an aligator.  He usually wins these battles and his oponent is seeing writhing in pain on the turf.

In the past, Incognito has been known for somewhat dirty antics that include anything and everything that can be seen on film such as an extra shove or extra curricular activity under the facemask at the bottom of the pile.

However, Incognito as the three year starter in Miami is known for protecting his teammates, protecting his quarterback, and being a leader in the locker room.

Another attribute that makes Incognito a key cog on the line is his vesatility.  Richie can play every guard position and the center position on the line.  

In his first season he started all 16 games with the Rams.  After a short stint three years ago in Buffalo, Parcells and Ireland brought him aboard to help shore the left side of the line.  Occasionally, he filled in a center when necessary.

It’s rare that fans pay attention to detail of what occurs at the line on every play, however on Sundays, take a moment to appreciate the sheer force of Richie Incognito and to be glad he is in Miami.  

As for Antonio Smith calling Ricie a dirty player, Richie prides himself on his tough and hard play.

It may not be pretty, but he gets the job done! 

Check out this video from HBO Hard Knocks of Incognito giving Atlanta the business!

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