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Dolphins power structure might be trial and error for 2015

Call me crazy, but there are at least three ways to ruin an organization.  Surely, Stephen Ross has been a part of two different ways, a football czar with Bill Parcells and a powerful GM (Jeff Ireland) who had unquestioned authority.

Not since 2007, have the Miami Dolphins reverted back to their old ways as in Randy Mueller and Cam Cameron.  At the introductory press conference both insisted they would work as a team.  On day one of the draft, both insisted that their plan all along was to draft rather raw Ted Ginn early in round 1 and then their quarterback John Beck in round 2. It seemed that the plan was in fact Cameron's with Randy Mueller's blessing and then owner Wayne Huizenga that wanted a guy with a rather powerful and rather sophisticated offense.  Problem was, Huizenga had to pay those coaches that Cameron inherited to stay around. 

As the Dolphins announced their selection of Dennis Hickey for GM, one thing crossed my mind.  This move although, seemingly botched from the start, seemed to get more weird by the minute as various media types from NFL network, ESPN, and Miami newspapers could smell the stench from more than a mile away. 

However, this move is not about 2014. If Hickey manages to work in a synergesic relationship with head coach Joe Philbin and get the Dolphins into the playoffs then Stephen Ross stumbled onto the right guy for the Dolphins. 

Sadly, should this plan fail miserably and the Dolphins are virtually throwing up in their mouths with a 4-12 record then it will be clear who exactly is to blame.  Consequently, the Dolphins are still a team that finished 8-8 and have been deemed "close" to being a playoff team based on what their head coach believes. Can the team finish more miserably than they have the past two seasons under the same perceived lame duck head coach? Was Jeff Ireland to blame for the mediocrity or the passive coaching style of coach Joe Philbin?

The bigger issue here is that Stephen Ross is starting to be more of an Al Davis type in that he will do whatever it takes to not only throw money at problems, but also control every aspect of the organization from the top down.  Ross owns the team and has the right to control every aspect of how it's run.  Despite his age, he will see this thing through until it becomes too much to bare.

At this point, a lot of trust has been placed on Joe Philbin to right the ship and get this Dolphins team going in a winning direction.  Philbin holds the keys after hiring Bill Lazor to develop and make Ryan Tannehill Pro Bowl caliber. Joe Philbin has the coaching staff he believes to keep this team engaged on winning games in 2014.

Meanwhile, Stephen Ross aboard his helicopter will be hovering over Davie as he schemes for 2015 and if and when his coach and GM fail, he can sell the idea to a college coach who will want total control of the football operations.

For Dolphins fans, the 2014 season is boom or bust. Stephen Ross will be prepared for the latter.