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Dolphins prepare for Jets week

They say one of the worst things you can do in the NFL is look at the schedule and plan wins and losses. Well the most important thing in the NFL is winning the games you should win.

As the outspoken Dolphins offensive line statement put it best,

Richie incognito ‏@68INCOGNITO



The Dolphins enter Jets week the healthier and quite frankly probably the more talented of the teams, that doesn’t mean they will win the game however. The Dolphins head to New York 2.5 underdogs playing a team who has already got a gritty win against them.

This game is huge for the Dolphins, if the Phins have any playoff aspirations this is a game you must win. The Dolphins sit in 2nd in the AFC East at 3-3, one game ahead of the 3-4 Jets and Bills and one game behind the 4-3 Pats. If the Dolphins can take care of business this Sunday they would be setting themselves up pretty nicely in what is a very weak AFC this year.

The Dolphins will face the Jets without Holmes who burned them in their first matchup and without Revis who created unfavorable matchups for the Phins in the last meeting as well. However it’s not all good, the Phins will have to face off against Dustin Keller this go around, a player who has burned them on several occasions.

The Dolphins will have some confidence heading into Sunday coming off 2 straight wins and are a significantly improved team since the first matchup.

The Dolphins also have the benefit of coming off a bye week with extra time to prepare and rest up. The rest should do well for players like Reggie Bush who will hope to get back to his quick start.

This is a week we have all been waiting for boys and girls, this COULD be a week the Dolphins really step it up this season.