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Dolphins, quietly, still alive for playoffs

With two remaining games to go, the Miami Dolphins are still alive for the playoffs.  While most fans would be jumping for joy at this idea of playoffs, a lot of fans want to see GM Jeff Ireland fired at the end of the season.  Personally, this blogger, doesn't agree that the idea of losing two in a row translates to Ireland's fault, but that's beside the point.

Frankly, the Miami Dolphins have had their chances to improve playoff position.  After week 9 versus the Colts, the playoff picture appeared to cave-in on Miami and most sports writers wrote them off for the playoffs.

However, going back to a key week 5 matchup versus the Bengals, where the Dolphins escaped the clutches of the Jungle, this victory versus Cinncinnatti gave the Dolphins a critical tie breaker.  

Now here we stand, the Miami Dolphins have to do the following:  Win the next two versus Buffalo and at New England.  Both games prove challenging given that Miami played poorly versus Buffalo and ran out of time versus New England, but there is hope and winning two games is possible.

Buffalo has appeared to mail it in and play for draft position while the Patriots have nothing to play for in week 17 unless Houston or Denver give up a glimpse of home field.  

In addition, the Dolphins need some major help, first they need a New York Jets loss to San Diego tomorrow, a Bengals loss to Pittsburgh and a Bengals loss during week 17.  Then the Steelers have to win versus the Bengals and then lose versus the Cleveland Browns, a team in transition, and a new regime.  It could happen!

While it seems like kind of crazy, with two games left, the Miami Dolphins are in the playoff hunt.

These Dolphins who were picked to finish last in the AFC East, can in fact clinch 2nd place with a win over Buffalo.  

These Miami Dolphins who appeared to be playing for next year after losing three of four, still have a chance.  When things got pretty bleak after losing to San Francisco 27-13, the Dolphins continue to fight like cockroaches that won't go away!

Even with injuries to Jake Long, Charles Clay, Daniel Thomas, and kicker Dan Carpenter, the Dolphins appear to have this chance at the playoffs despite these setbacks!

So, keep your eyes peeled Dolfans, because this holliday season might have an exciting finish and you'll get to sport your Dolphins jersey at least once in January!