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Dolphins add another wide out in free agent Brandon Gibson

While the Miami Dolphins were waiting all night long on a certain left tackle to decide on St. Louis or Miami, they managed to take another wide receiver off the market in Brandon Gibson.  

Brandon Gibson brings another weapon to the Miami Dolphins offense.  The wide receiver corps of 2012 has changed considerably in that two new receivers have been signed during this week of free-agency.  Brandon Gibson brings some speed, quickness, and ability to get separation and make big plays.  

Gibson with the Rams last season caught 51 passes, had 691 yards, and 5 touchdowns.  The big number that sticks out is 5 touchdowns in an offense that featured Gibson in different formations. Let's remember that the Dolphins' wide receivers caught three touchdowns the entire season.

 Against the Dolphins last season, Gibson took the cover off of the Miami secondary and quickly amassed 91 yards on 7 receptions. Gibson was also the 39th ranked WR this season by PFF, one spot ahead of Bess. Gibson had a better drop rate % than Bess though. 

Some people in the media, especially recently on the Jorge Sedano Show on WQAM feel Gibson is like Brian Hartline, but with the touchdowns.

In addition, with signing of Gibson, will the Miami Dolphins look to cut one of their veteran receivers under contract such as Davone Bess?  

The move does not seem surprising since Gibson last weekend was rumored to be in the Dolphins plans as a plan B.  We know he is more than a plan B and should compliment this offense quite well.

Now we know for sure that Gibson has been signed for 3 years and could be an important piece to this team, this season!  The Dolphins can run out of 3-4 wide receiver sets with competent and dynamic receivers.

Going forward, will the Miami Dolphins still go after for another receiver in the draft or are they done?  A ton of questions still need to be answered in the coming weeks!

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