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Dolphins renovation bill killed in state legislature

We've seen this so many times as Dolphins fans, the Dolphins falling short of a win in the 4th quarter.  Today, the Dolphins on the field had nothing to do with the Dolphins chances for a 300 million dollar renovation for Sun Life Stadium.  After the news was broken by NFL Network's Albert Breer, the bad news is that the Dolphins renovation bill being killed means zero chance for a Super Bowl in the near future.  More importantly, the Miami Dolphins are in a pinch on how to pay for a costly renovation to the stadium.

On what had seemed so promising by Stephen Ross and politicians in Miami Dade, it seemed like the deal was in the bag like Dan Marino's 36 comeback wins.  However, when Dan Marino on Thursday, went to Tallahassee to drum up support for the bill in the House, the exchange of pleasantries did nothing to sway the vote in the Dolphins favor.  

Responsible for killing the bill prior to a vote was Will Weatherford, Speaker of the House in the State Legislature of Florida.  

The bill was squashed before Dade County citizens had a chance to vote whether or not they approve of a 7% hotel tax, up 1% from the previous tax. A tax that merely affects people who travel to Miami or anyone who stays in a hotel in Dade County.

The bill, based on Steve Ross' estimation leaves 4,000 potential workers out in the cold in an area where good local jobs are hard to come by.

In reality, this proves to be a dark day for Dolphins fans.  A dark day because after all of the free agency and draft frenzy, Dolphins fans cannot choose whether they want the Dolphins to remain in Miami.  Miamians, the very people who have supported the team since 1966 cannot lend their support at the polls to better the stadium and better the experience.

Needless to say, Stephen Ross is estimated to be worth 5 billion dollars, so finding a private lender shouldn't be difficult. However as one fellow follower and insightful fan pointed out: " Stephen Ross can screw the public, but screwing over the private lenders is a different story." 

Consequently, if the funds are not there to renovate Sun Life Stadium, then it is possible and sad that the Dolphins of Miami might not be able to compete in Miami. Should this be the last effort from owner Stephen Ross, he has no choice, but to cash in his proverbial chips.  Any future owner of the Dolphins inherits 102 million in future deals and an aging stadium.  Not exactly the attractive South Beach supermodel the Dolphins once were.

Sad but true, but the Dolphins today because of the State of Florida…make me cry.