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Dolphins’ Reshad Jones suspended four games

The hits just keep on coming and not in a good way for the Miami Dolphins.

First, with the suspension of second year defensive end Dion Jordan in July and now with safety Reshad Jones.

At this point, Jones was out to prove the naysayers wrong that a down year (1 INT, 108 combined tackles, 1.5 sacks) was a fluke. Reshad Jones, heading into this season was poised to show why the Dolphins paid him the money they did last offseason.

While missing the four games seems difficult on the Dolphins, they have a natural born safety in Jimmy Wilson. Likewise, Jamar Taylor could be plugged in and might be a better fit to play Jones’ position until he comes off of the suspension after week 4.

Contrary to the sky as falling logic that some Dolphins fans like to employ, Jones gets to play all of the preseason and practice at the facility after the Dolphins formal daily practices.

Perhaps, time will tell on this one, but it is possible the Dolphins will be just fine without Jones.

At the end of the season, it’s possible the Dolphins could cut their losses and start anew with a safety from the draft. After all, suspensions are a part of the compliance aspect of football and the culpability lies with the player not the organization.