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Dolphins Sign Brandon Fields to 4 Year Extension

Now that the Miami Dolphins have locked up Ryan Tannehill and all their draft picks, they rewarded their punter Brandon Fields with a new 4 year extension. 

Brandon Fields who dominated last year in punting with 78 punts and a 48.8 average for 3,810 yards.  For punters, pinning back the opponent inside the 20 yard line is critical where Fields placed the ball in the 20 a whopping 32 times and 41.0% of his punts landed in the 20.

Fields comes off of a pro bowl caliber season, however he did not get selected this season.  Undoubtedly on special teams, Fields serves a critical role as the holder on extra points and field goals where the Dolphins have had success over the years. 

Fields stands to make more than most punters, but 5th most among all punters.  He will earn 13.3 million with about 3.3 million guaranteed.

Now that the Dolphins have locked up Brandon Fields, is it time to look at other extension candidates?  Is Jake Long Next???