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Dolphins sign fourth-round pick Clyde Gates

The Dolphins were without their top three draft selections on the first day of training camp, but fear not, rookie negotiations are a process and the Dolphins are on the verge of getting the entire 2011 draft class under contract.

According to Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post, the Dolphins have signed Clyde Gates – and yes, it’s now official that he would like to be called “Clyde,” not Edmond- to his four-year deal.

This comes after the Dolphins inked second-round selection Daniel Thomas earlier today, meaning only first-round pick Mike Pouncey remains unsigned. But it shouldn’t be long before Pouncey has his deal, as every rep will be crucial for a rookie that will plugged into the starting lineup right off the bat.

As for Gates, he should be one of the more intriguing players to watch this training camp. The man was a homerun machine in college, but will his big-play ability in D-II transfer to the big leagues? He didn’t practice the craft at Abilene Christian, but with electrifying 4.3 speed, will the Dolphins enlist him at kick returner? The answers will come in time.