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Dolphins sign Samson Satele to quell issue at center

Well, there you go. The Miami Dolphins have signed center Samson Satele and since today is a day off, he’ll get brought up to speed on the Dolphins diverse and fast moving offense.

The mere fact that Satele returns to Miami is a no-brainer in the sense that he was the only viable center on the market. However, Satele showed that his movement through three teams was not on accident, but rather as a result of his less than mediocre performances.

We graded out Satele in a recent article, but in reality he doesn’t grade well overall. Negative grades for a center brought in to keep the ball off the ground and keep turnovers to a minimum, doesn’t seem like the player an organization would want to replace pro bowl center Mike Pouncey.

Could the Dolphins have elevated Nate Garner to be the starter? Sure, but Garner has started a handful of games and hasn’t shown enough to gain the confidence of his coaches.

At this point, the Dolphins look to ride or die with Samson Satele, unless he fails. Then the team is back at square one.

A glaring hole at center and no solution to a potential catastrophe for a season more uncertain by the day.

Rest easy Dolphins fans, the Dolphins will make us cry. The question is, when?