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Dolphins start the GM search with many questions rather than answers

Today most Dolphins fans got welcome news after learning that GM Jeff Ireland and the Dolphins "mutually" parted ways.  Despite this welcome news for FIRELAND supporters, the Dolphins offices (mainly the front office) seems to be the biggest and most glaring hole and void that must be addressed to better the franchise.

The Dolphins franchise now has a hole at GM with capable scouts and personnel people hanging around the building expected to pick up the slack three weeks before the Senior Bowl in Mobile Alabama.  Even though Jeff Ireland is no longer there, someone will have to pick up the slack in the interim and work dilligently despite not knowing if their job is safe.  For now, that man is Brian Gaine (assitant GM) who is viewed positively and as an up and comer in most NFL circles. 

At this point, the Dolphins can go one of three ways in structuring the front office: 

1. They can hire a GM from the outside that they believe will mesh with Philbin's philosophy on the types of players he would want and give Philbin more of a say on player personnel.

2. They can hire from within and split the job three ways: For instance: Dawn Aponte can be elevated as director of football operations and retain her role of administration, Brian Gaine can be promoted to GM, and the Dolphins can hire or elevate a scout to the scouting director position.

3. The Dolphins can bring in a football operations person, football czar type, and start all over again giving the new Director of Football Operations the job of finding his preferred coach and general manager.

What the Dolphins decide to do is anyone's guess, but there seems to be a sense of turmoil in that even though the Dolphins fan base might have gotten what they wanted with the firing of Jeff Ireland, nothing guarantees a winning season.

In Miami, fans have to wonder what the owner's objectives will be on his next hire, because he alone (with the help of his advisors) will make a decision that could affect the stature of his franchise into the future.