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Dolphins tag DT Randy Starks


Now that the Dolphins have tagged Randy Starks with the franchise tag, and now have some time to work out a deal long term.  The tag is pricey at $8.45 million and should allow the Dolphins to look at their long list of free agents and offer contracts.  

For instance, now that Randy Starks has been tagged, the Miami Dolphins can choose to offer or not offer deals to the likes of Jake Long, Sean Smith, Brian Hartline or Reggie Bush.

Many fans believe that Jake Long is most likely gone and that Sean Smith is probably gone as well.  Reggie Bush has his eyes on a lucrative deal that allows him to start and get paid. However, no one truly knows for sure or what the Dolphins plan on doing.  This franchise tag was Jeff Ireland's second use of a franchise tag since the Dolphins tagged Paul Soliai in 2011.

That leaves Brian Hartline as a strong possibility, who after eclipsing 1,000 yards led the team in catches, should be signed based on his rapport and continuity with Ryan Tannehill.

With the franchise tag tendered to Randy Starks, let's hope as Dolphins fans that the best is yet to come and this pool of 34 million dollars will be spread out in making the Dolphins a contender!