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Dolphins to face Bills’ Thad Lewis in round 2 this Sunday

For the Dolphins, things couldn't look any brighter with an 8-6 record and a chance at the playoffs.  Just when things were looking great for the Dolphins matchup at Buffalo, head coach Doug Marrone has decided to be somewhat Grinch-like and change up the Dolphins defensive game plan and start quarterback Thad Lewis instead of rookie EJ Manuel.  EJ Manuel had never faced the Dolphins or this type of intense pressure versus a team hungry to make the playoffs.  

Let's remember that it was Thad Lewis that beat the Dolphins by hanging in the pocket, made his throws when they counted, and moved the chains to put the Bills in position to beat the Dolphins at the end of the game.  Lewis' play did just enough to let the Bills defense take over and win the game for Buffalo. In the inclement weather, Lewis' play could better suit the Bills who are playing this game as their Super Bowl with seemingly nothing to play for except Buffalo Bill pride.  

For the Dolphins having to face Thad Lewis again, means more opportunities to bring him down for sacks.  Even though Lewis poses a threat to run if pressured, the Dolphins have done a better job at containing quarterbacks down the stetch on their playoff run.

If the season and the playoffs come down to this game in Buffalo, let's hope the Dolphins are ready to jump over this "trap" of a game.