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Dolphins to Pursue Matt Flynn

Dolfans can you smell it?  Franchise QB possibilities in Miami?

Or are we smelling the stench failure from the Front Office and unmistakeable odor of smelly socks from Steve Ross’ office?

Could it be that Matt Flynn is touring Seattle right now as we speak and he is wondering when the sun will come out and when the Miami Dolphins will call him about a contract?

Frankly, this courtship of Manning has gone too long.  This love triangle if you will, now rests between teams that all have a Quarterback that at some level is proven.  (I guess you can dismiss Kevin Kolb of Arizona.  His stint there has not fared well.)

As of this evening according to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, the Dolphins were moving on from Manning based on this tweet:

“A club source just texted me to say the club is scheduling bringing Matt Flynn to town in the next 48 hours.”

The Dolphins have moved on to the proverbial second choice and are looking to “settle” their need for a franchise QB.

The reasons for Matt Flynn are simple.

Flynn is fearless:  He almost beat New England.

Flynn shows poise: a furocious front four in Detroit didn’t deter him and torched Detroit for 6 Tds 

Flynn has leadership ability: Green Bay did not need to win that last game theoritically, they were still in the playoffs and had the division in hand.

Flynn can run the west coast offense with precision: He learned from Aaron Rodgers and Coach Philbin.

Flynn, however, has played only two games. 

Did the games in either season mean much?  Of course they did.  They meant that he could establish himself as a starter elsewhere.

If the Dolphins are seriously going to contend for his services, then my suggestion is don’t mess around and get this deal done because this could be a marriage made in heaven and you won’t find other quarterbacks with Flynn’s acumen in the draft.

Get it done Miami! A whole nation of Dolfan believers is counting on this to happen!