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Dolphins trending downwards, drop 3rd straight game



Frustration, aggravation, embarrassment are just some of the feelings that are spreading throughout the Dolphins fan base.

After a promising 4-3 start including 3 straight wins the Dolphins have plummeted to 3 straight losses leading to a now 4-6 record, essentially halting all playoff talk.  While there is no one that individually that can take the blame as each loss has featured too many to point the finger at, however at the end of the day coach Philbin is responsible for his team and the past few performances have not been acceptable.

The Dolphins have come out 3 straight games flat and unprepared. Despite the fact you would like to see your coach rally the troops and have them motivated to go, it seems Philbin has failed to do so recently as the team has played with no urgency or fire despite having had a shot at the playoffs. Coordinators on both side of the ball have underwhelmed as Kevin Coyle’s secondary looks like one of the of the weakest units in the league (for expectation of R Jones) and the pass rush has all but disappeared. Mike Sherman, well don’t get me started. The offense has struggled against 2 of the worst defenses in the league and has seen the running game become all but futile. Sherman and Philbin have struggled to get Tannehill back on track and set him up with opportunities to make plays. The lack of a deep threat has hindered the play calling for sure but this league wasn’t made for excuses. A team that appeared aggressive at early stages of the season now dare I say resembles a Tony Sprano/ Chad Henne offense.

Where do the Dolphins go from here? Well it’s tough to say to be honest.  The key for this team is no longer wins and losses, the priority has to be to develop Ryan Tannehill and evaluate your upcoming free agents and young players.  

In terms of how the team operates, I don’t think the obvious needs to be said but it is quite clear the person who built this consistent non contender with a lack of talent has to be held responsible.

The even bigger glaring issues with the Dolphins past 2 losses is that it puts doubt in the minds of fans on Ryan Tannehill and Joe Philbin. While it’s silly to make any bold statements and come to any quick decisions, there certainly is reason for concern. Time will tell and hopefully next year will be the year to really evaluate Tannehill as hopefully the team can surround him with more talent.

The Miami Dolphins of 2011 are back and in full force.