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Dolphins vs. Jets ! Let the games begin

The rivalry starts up again this week as its Jets week this week. The rivalry comes with a little extra excitement this year as the Phins face off against former head coach Tony Sprano and head coach Joe Philbin and rookie QB Ryan Tannehill get their first shot at the loathed Jets.

Coming off last week’s win the Dolphins head into this game confident and excited. Coach Philbin said that the players have a little more bounce in their step this week as the excitement is hard to miss. Tannehill said everything picks up a notch for a division game and Reggie Bush said this is the type of game you live for, and love to play. Everyone seems ready to go for the Jets this week.

Daniel Thomas and Anthony Armstrong both said they should be ready to play this week meaning the Dolphins should have a healthy unit for this week’s game. The same cannot be said for the Jets however as Revis has not been cleared for play yet and Dustin Keller has yet to practice. Two huge injuries which would certainly help the Phins however it is only Wednesday.

Ryan Tannehill is in firs t a true test against the fierce Rex Ryan defense and he will have to play a nearly mistake free game as this Jets D is hungry for turnovers. Reggie Bush has been the motor of this offense but he faces a tough test against a strong defensive line and will need to be his best to help take the load of the rookie QB.

The Dolphins defense should be able to shut down the run as they have for 16 consecutive games but don’t be surprised if we see some WildCat and Tim Tebow. The Dolphins pass rush will need to have more success as Sanchez is prone to make mistakes when rushed and under pressure.

The matchup is pretty tight between these two teams as both bring solid defenses and a running game to the table. Coaching could be a big factor in this one as Tony obviously has the inside track on the phins this week. That being said I expect turnovers to be the deciding factor in this week’s game. Would also expect to see a lot of field goals which could mean some Sprano fist punch action.

This game should set the tone for the rest of the season, if Miami can get the W improve to 2-1 and get a lead on the division rivals the whole perspective and attitude around Miami might shift.