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Dolphins vs. Titans: 5 Questions with the Enemy

Well, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve had the privilege of exchanging questions with a blogger that represents the team the Dolphins are scheduled to face. The Bloguin Network doesn’t currently have a Cincinnati Bengals or a Baltimore Ravens blog, so we had to do without what has become the most informative and interesting read of the week.

Please welcome in Drexel from Total Titans, the best Tennessee Titans blog on the web, to get us back on the right track. Be sure to check out the questions I answered for him regarding the Dolphins over there in the next couple days.

Phins Phocus: What are your feelings about the Titans signing Randy Moss? Do you think he’s worth the antics? What kind of impact do you see him having on the offense?

Total Titans: I’m excited about the acquisition of Randy Moss for a few reasons.

First, signing a player of his caliber sends a positive message to the locker-room from the standpoint that team management is willing to do whatever it takes to provide the team with the ingredients to make a deep playoff run.

As for his antics, I’m somewhat confident that Jeff Fisher will do what it takes to prevent the enigmatic Moss from becoming a distraction.

Lastly, Moss’s mere presence should provide more running room for Chris Johnson in the running game. Up-and-comer Kenny Britt was doing a great job as of late by playing the same role but unfortunately, he was recently bitten by the injury-bug, so he’s out for several weeks. Moss should have no problem picking up where Kenny left off.

Phins Phocus: What are you hearing about Vince Young’s ankle injury? Do you feel like the Titans’ offense loses much of a step with Kerry Collins under center?

Total Titans: Young’s ankle injury is a concern, but I’m expecting him to start against the Dolphins this Sunday. He’s playing solid football and with each game, he’s becoming more of a complete NFL quarterback rather than being just an athlete who merely plays the position.

Having an established veteran signal-caller such as Collins as the #2 is always a good thing for any franchise. However, even with KC’s experience and despite his advancing age, the ability to still chuck the ball downfield, the offense is at its best when Vince Young is under center.

Phins Phocus: Evaluate the Titans’ defense through the first-half of the season. Strengths? Weaknesses?

Total Titans: Through the season’s halfway mark, the Titans defense has played a tough, physical brand of football that’s consistently causing turnovers, taking down opposing quarterbacks and forcing the opposition to constantly keep their heads on a swivel.

Strengths: Creating turnovers, getting pressure on opposing quarterbacks by way of a no-name front four.

Weaknesses: The defense has given up its share of yards in the passing game. Opposing offenses have had levels of success matriculating the ball down the field via the passing attack.

Phins Phocus: By all means, Chris Johnson is having a very productive year. He hasn’t dominated like he did a year ago, though. What are defenses doing differently to contain him a bit?

Total Titans: Johnson’s still getting his yards, but it’s taking more carries this season. Also, what’s missing from his game is a drop in long runs.

I’ll attribute CJ’s “struggles” to a couple of factors. Opposing defenses are using the eight men in the box strategy to prevent CJ from breaking the big one. Of course, with Randy Moss on board, hopefully, this trend will end.

Also, CJ’s had a bit more wear and tear this year. He’s carrying the ball more, which naturally, is going to make him more susceptible to nagging/lingering injuries which inevitably, is going to hinder his ability a bit to perform at his highest level.

Phins Phocus: Finally, who do you see winning Sunday and why? Final Score?

Total Titans: I think the Titans will come out swinging in Randy Moss’s much-anticipated debut. Miami’s a tough team that win or loss, will keep things interesting but in the end, I’ll take the Titans in a close one.

Titans 20 Dolphins 16