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Don’t look for the Dolphins to sign a big name WR

The Dolphins receiving might be one of most lackluster grouping of average receivers in the league but Joe Philbin and Jeff Ireland seem to believe otherwise.  While it’s hard to argue that the Phins receiving core is any better than the leagues 25th best, it doesn’t appear likely that they will be adding another free agent receiver.

NFL.com recently put out an article saying that free agent WR Plaxico Burress would love to work out for the Dolphins but that the team has not shown any interest in the veteran.  The Dolphins also have not reached out to other bigger names left like Braylon Edwards or TO.



The free agent wide out they did sign Legedu Nanee has impressed so far in camp however is not the alpha receiver fans are looking for. While Brian Hartline and Davone Bess are both expected raise their game this year with the added playing time, the big question is whether the Dolphins will chose not to go with a traditional #1 WR.

The Dolphins most likely won’t please their fans in this department and go with receivers currently on the roster. I wouldn’t expect much from last year’s rookie Clyde Gates, and if you’re looking for a dark horse the name Roberto Wallace seems the most likely.

The battle for the number 3 receiving job is maybe the most compelling one this offseason. It will be interesting to see where the Dolphins production will come from this season. Whether it’s the QB’s or the front office, all fronts seem comfortable with the this year’s receiving core, so maybe it’s the fans who don’t know better but I can defiantly see where the fans are coming being one with the same thoughts.

While we all know Jeff Ireland can be very stubborn I would caution him not to ignore kicking any tires on veteran receivers who can potentially contribute on a one to two year basis.

It should be an interesting training camp. If Tannehill should start at one point this season, the Phins are not making it easy on him by  surrounding with a sub par WR’s core.