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Early impression on the 2013 Miami Dolphins

Many experts and members of the media will tell you to disregard what goes on in the preseason, others will tell you that you need to pay attention to every player on each snap, that being said there is a fine line of things that should excite or concern fans when it comes to preseason football.

Things to be concerned about:

1) Jonathan Martin

Going into this season the number one worry was Ryan Tannehill's blindside. After one preseason game is in the books the concern remains the same. Granted we saw a small sample size but add what you saw on tape to what has been going on in practice and there is legit reason to be concerned. The second year tackle has much to prove this year and if Ryan Tannehill has any intention of being the breakout player many are slotting him to be, he is going to have to stay upright.  

2) Lack of depth at WR

While some will argue Chad Bumphis is the second coming of Davone Bess, I am not buying it, at least not yet. Marvin McNutt gave the coaches more reason to have doubt in his catching ability Monday and with the Dolphins top 2 WR's out, the lack of depth was certainly on display.

Things to be slightly concerned about:

1) Philip Wheeler

The Dolphins paid Wheeler a lot of money this offseason to be a big play maker on defense. Wheeler looked out of place in the run game, having poor footwork and being one step late on almost every play. Wheeler did not play beside starting LB Danelle Ellerbe so I wouldn't be too concerned just yet if Wheeler will pan out or not, that being said his production will have to be pretty solid considering the pay day he received.

Things to take a deep breath and relax over:

1) Lamar Miller

Miller did fumble, however, has had no issue with fumbling prior in his career. Miller also bounced back very nicely with 2 strong runs showing off his quick feet.  Lamar Miller will be fine and will be the teams feature back in 2013.

2) Ryan Tannehill

Yes Tannehill looked shaky and nervous in his first performance of the season, however, I would not put much stock into his play as he was without his top 2 WR's and clearly struggled with WR's that he has not yet built any type of connection with.

Things to be excited about:

1) Dion Jordan and Derrick Shelby

Both players showed their abilities to get to the QB and create pressure. We saw flashes of Jordan's speed and the potential he has to cause real issues for opposing QB's.