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Eric Stokes hired as Dolphins Assistant GM

So there you have it. Eric Stokes has been hired by GM Dennis Hickey as his right-hand man.

The title of Assistant GM is a step up for Stokes who was the Director of College Scouting in Tampa with the Buccaneers.

ESPN’s James Walker confirmed the report on his blog earlier this afternoon and said it was a smart move since the draft has already allowed the Dolphins roster for 2014 to take shape.

In a sign that shows more changes in Miami, one thing remains constant, GM Dennis Hickey is starting to bring aboard his own people that could be just the start of things to come. Having a guy that worked with Hickey demonstrates that the battle lines in the front office could be drawn.

We welcome Eric Stokes in his promotion and wish him the best during 2014 as he puts together an even better draft class.