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A Fans’ Take: Miami Dolphins on Hard Knocks

By Coach Joe Philbin calling being on Hard Knocks a “footbal decision”, one has to wonder the amount of spin and continued negativity a once storied franchise faces.

Nothing about the Philbin era is interesting.  The fans do not have any idea what Philbin is about until the Dolphins face their bitter rivals and will see what kind of mettle this regime has in store for the opponent.  All the fan sees is intense practices, a new offense, and a new defensive scheme.

However, what is interesting is that Jeff Ireland, who runs a highly secretive operation would allow cameras on the practice field, coaches rooms, and the locker room. 

The selection on Hard Knocks does mean that the fans will be where many never go…inside the Dolphins hallowed halls of their Davie headquarters.  One can argue, that the Dolphins could limit even NFL Films exposure to the everyday conversations in meeting rooms and with players, but that would not be typical of NFL Films.  It is possible that the Dolphins have a chance to show the NFL and the fans a different side of the regime.  Not to politicize the event, it can in a way be more positive PR that the team needs in order to sell tickets and put more fans in the seats on sweltering South Florida days. 

One thing remains clear, the Dolphins edict of transparency during the coaching search, draft process, and OTAs has lead to this: there is an owner that wants to show the NFL he may not know what he is doing, but he has hired the right people to get the Dolphins out of depths of mediocrity and become a rising power on the NFL stage.