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Film Study: Davone Bess video buffet

Tomorrow is a monumental day for us here at Phins Phocus. Yes, we had the privilege of interviewing Charles Clay and Kory Sheets a couple weeks ago, and we are very appreciative of those two for sitting down with us. But Davone Bess is one of the league’s best slot receivers, a huge contributor on the Dolphins’ offense, and has a remarkable story to boot, going from a troubled childhood in California, to one of the nation’s most productive receivers in Hawaii’s run and shoot offense, to undrafted, to stardom in Miami. 

Bess proved to be a real class act in his interview with Daniel today. I knew Davone was one of the league’s good guys, as he’s very active in the community with his charity organization, but my respect for him has grown tremendously with this interview. So it’s easy to see why we’re excited.

Make sure you check back with us tomorrow morning for the interview, but for now, I thought I would put together a few video clips in Davone’s honor to hold us over. If you haven’t seen the first clip yet, “Davone Bess Out of the Fog,” it’s a must see for any Dolphin fan. Truly an amazing story.