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Film Study: Never count out Miami against New England

Last night we finally got back to football. The Packers and Saints put on a show in a game that could eventually go down as one of the most exciting of the year.

But around here, we won’t officially get back to football until the Dolphins take the field for some meaningful action. And few games this season will be as meaningful as next Monday night’s showdown with the New England Patriots.

While a loss wouldn’t necessarily spell doom for the Dolphins, as the Patriots project to be one of the top teams in the league again this season, a win would instantly return nation-wide respectability back to this franchise and catapult this team into the playoff discussion.

It certainly won’t be easy and few talking heads will give the Dolphins much of chance. But we’ve heard that story before.

Miami has been the underdog against New England for every game the past decade it seems. But history has shown us, even in dire times for this franchise, never to count out the underdog.

The Patriots have won four out of the past five matchups and outscored the Dolphins by a whopping 62 points in their two contests last year.

But Miami has been a thorn in the Patriots’ side on several occasions in the Bill Belichick era. Let’s get pumped up for Monday night’s opener by revisiting a couple games against New England nobody gave the Dolphins a chance to win.

December 20th 2004: Dolphins 29 Patriots 28

September 21st 2008: Dolphins 38 Patriots 13

Original Video– More videos at TinyPic

Dolphins vs. Patriots pump up video- A Phins Rock Production