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Final Rookie Negotiations Picking Up Steam

A day after the Dolphins locked up their third-round pick John Jerry, the Miami Herald is reporting that the team has already offered contracts to first-round pick Jared Odrick and second-round pick Koa Misi.

While most teams wait for the slotting process to take it’s course, this front office appears set on getting everybody signed and in camp. Which could be a necessary move, considering both Odrick and Misi may be called upon to start right off the bat. Neither will be handed anything, but both are favored to win their camp competitions.

Misi doesn’t have much to beat out talent-wise, as Charlie Anderson and Quentin Moses are probably nothing more than decent backups, and Phillip Merling’s felony charges, which should warrant at least a suspension, but could lead to his flat out release, significantly bolster Odrick’s chances at cracking the starting lineup.

The fact that Miami is likely relying on Odrick and Misi’s immediate production, is undoubtedly playing a large role in getting their offers on the table so soon, but really, this regime has always handled their rookie negotiations this way.

The Parcells’ regime has yet to allow an ugly, lengthy rookie holdout, which would do nothing but distract the team in a portion of the season where team mending is of utmost importance.

This team is flying high after a brilliant offseason of personnel moves, and expectations haven’t been this high in years. A rookie holdout by a player who is also a likely starter, would do nothing but halt some of that momentum.

So, let’s just hope these reports are indeed true, and both Odrick and Misi are seen battling it out for a starting job come that first practice session. If that’s the case, how can you not love the way this regime does business? Just another reason to be thankful for the men who are running this team, and to be confident they are taking the Dolphins in the right direction.