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Pay The Man! 5 Reasons the Dolphins Should Show Reggie the Money!

While my colleagues have focused their efforts on covering the Dolphins matchup against the Jets and the return of Daniel Thomas, I thought it would be cool to explore the idea of re-signing the Dolphins best weapon on the team, Reggie Bush.

Consequently, Jeff Ireland got Reggie Bush in a trade for Jonathan Amaya and a 6th rounder.  Reggie was a first round pick of the draft that was headed for bust status as  Heismann Trophy winner in College and a headache for opposing coaches.  

However, like a fine wine, Reggie got better with age and a new scenery.

Here are five reasons the Dolphins need to hurry up and re-sign Reggie Bush:

1. Reggie is currently the face of the franchise.  As of right now, Reggie Bush since his break out year in 2011 has been the focus of reporter interviews, expose’s, and anything Miami Dolphins.

2. Reggie Bush can run, pass, and catch.  We know about Reggie’s ability as a runner in space, but he is now starting to learn how to run between the tackles with burst and speed.  He seldom dances to find the whole.  He now hits the whole and understands the nuances of the opposing defense.  When Reggie gets on a roll, the whole team follows and it is evident that the Dolphins win when no one can stop Reggie.  As a passer, he can make a short 20 yard pass in an HB Pass play to trick the defense.

3.  Reggie Bush is showing no signs of slowing down.  Not only is Reggie more elusive than his first year with New Orleans, he is out running the competition.  He has shown acceleration, that when healthy, the endzone is the green zone and he seems to find it and can’t be caught from behind.  He always heads for the endzone with scoring in mind, not going out of bounds.

4. The Dolphins clearly have a player that sells jerseys.  While last year, there seemed to be many Henne, Long, and Bess jerseys sold on-line, Reggie is by far exceeding his teammates in jerseys sold.  It is apparent that the first set of merchandise on the new Nike line of jerseys has been all Reggie Bush on most websites.  This idea of Reggie selling jerseys has to make Mike Dee and Stephen Ross most happy lining the Dolphins franchise coffers.

5.  Lastly, Reggie Bush is a man of the community and has contributed greatly in and around South Florida and in his hometown of San Diego.

So, if healthy, I vote the Dolphins sign Reggie and find a way to show him the money!

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