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Five Things I like about the Dolphins

Don’t get me wrong, there are some glaring issues with the Miami Dolphins.  The fact that the Dolphins could be heading to near mediocre status is nothing new in the last 10 years.

However, here are the aspects of the team that I really like and can appreciate as a Dolfan.

1.  Charles Clay: as that H-Back threat.  Last week we saw why Charles Clay was drafted and what he brings to the table.  He brings speed at his position and hands.  He brings a Chris Cooley of the Washington Redskins type of player to the Redskins.  Combined with Anthony Fasano as threat, that combination can be special.

2.  Reggie Bush: He can continue to thrive if he’s being used in space.  When Reggie turns up field and has nothing but green turf/grass in front, he shows you what he can do.  He has the speed and agility to make defenders miss.  It’s actually quite comical when defenders are flying and flailing to catch him.  Reggie has also shown he can catch the ball out of the backfield. 

3.  Matt Moore: Matt Moore has been a very productive QB and has thrived in this offense.  You can’t discount that he has gotten better and shown greater efficiency every week.  He rebounded from the Jets game to the Chiefs game where he threw for 3 TDs and no interceptions.  Matt Moore has also showed leadership and earned the respect of Jake Long and others which helps with team chemistry when you win. 

4. Brandon Marshall: Right now, I like Brandon Marshall on first and second down.  I like his chances in the redzone, but he has to catch the ball.  He’s still a very real threat.  I believe he has something in store for the Cowboys.  If he scores, I encourage him to go T.O. and spike the football on that stupid star at midfield. 

5. Jimmy Wilson:  I know he’s a young player, but he is a total stud.  He hits with a fury and he loves to play defense.  Not to mention, he’s fast and in 3rd down or nickel packages he can change the game.  Yes, as a CB he’s been beat, but I will take this 7th round talent any day and count on him to make a stop more than Sean Smith. 

(Tied for 5th):  The Dolphin secondary:  Much beleaguered to start the season.  They have become a physical bunch.  I am starting to believe that most teams do not want to throw into the secondary with Yeremiah Bell and Anthony Culver running like a freight train at a “defenseless” receiver.  

(Tied for 5th):  Jared Odrick:  I am starting to see why the Dolphins drafted down to get him in 2010.  However, I want to see more.  I want to see him get more sacks and would be curious to see if he can stop the run more frequently.  Is the 3-4 the best D for him?  I believe that the 4-3 might suit him more because he would have more freedom to pass rush from the outside.  

So, there you have it.  5 things that I really like.  After tomorrow’s game v. Dallas, I am hoping there will be more!