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For sale by owner: A message from a restless Dolphins fan

Dolphins fans, here is a post from our new writer, Rob Fiorino!  Rob will be writing once a week and take an alternative take, kind of like page 2 material sometimes satirical and sometimes funny, but as always passionate about the Miami Dolphins! Enjoy the read!

As I sit here and watch a classic matchup between 2 of the most historic franchises in the NFL, the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers, I can’t help but think of how far the Miami Dolphins have fallen.  They’ve fallen far enough to make the game next Monday Night against the winless Tampa Bay Buccaneers the most anticipated game of the season.  There will be more requests for media credentials for that game–when it should just be what it really is—another horrible Monday Night matchup.  They’ve even fallen far enough to give every late night talk show host enough material for a week.  That’s bad.  National news.  Racism.  Bullying.  Welcome to Miami Dolphins football 2013.

 Let me get this straight.  I love the Miami Dolphins.  Growing up in Central New York, I’ve been a fan since the Bob Griese days.  That’s a lot of years. I once lost a bet as a radio morning show host, and had to get a tattoo of a buffalo on my rear end. That was a rough year.  But that’s nothing compared to this era of Ross and Ireland.  How much worse does it have to get?  

With Ross as the owner, hopefully not much—because Steven M. Ross should sell this team.  Haven’t heard many people call for this yet, maybe because it’s just not going to happen, or maybe because people don’t look at him as the problem.  

I could point out the hilarity of allowing Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, and Fergie to become part owners.  I could continue with Ross‘ loyalty to GM Jeff Ireland, whose ability to draft talented players is second only to his ridiculous interviewing talents (ask Dez Bryant).  I could even point out that “secret” flight to San Francisco to try and woo Jim Harbaugh to become head coach–all while STILL employing Tony Sporano.  Remember the spin on that one?  

How about “the one that got away”?  Peyton Manning.  He was in their backyard rehabbing.  He had a home in Miami.  Perfect fit right?  Uh no.  Really. who would want to play for Ross and Ireland?  Peyton knew better.  Jeff Fisher knew enough to take his coaching skills to St. Louis. Who chooses St Louis over Miami?  Seriously?  In Fisher’s defense how can you trust an owner and GM after what they did to Sporano?  Sure Sporano wasn’t the answer, but a precedent was set.  

Then there’s the stadium issue. Here’s a man worth 4 and a half BILLION dollars looking for a handout to renovate Joe Robbie/Pro Player/Dolphins/Land Shark/Sun Life Stadium.  He can’t even decide on a name for the stadium.

Don Shula has to be rolling over in his grave.  And he’s not even dead yet.

It’s time.  The constant soap opera, the mediocrity, the showbiz, the night clubs.  It has to end, and the only way for that to happen is for Steven Ross to slap a “FOR SALE” sign in front of 2267 NW 199th Street, Miami Gardens, FL.