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For the Dolphins, picking up the pieces will show their mettle

The Miami Dolphins have been dealt a fatal blow, but it doesn't have to be.  Regardless of what the franchise looks like doesn't represent all players views.  Surely, those implicated in the Ted Wells report look bad.  Players such as Mike Pouncey, John Jerry, and even Brian Hartline seem complicit in the behavior.  Head coach Joe Philbin and even Jim Turner appear to be just as at fault and complicit as Richie Incognito.

However, the Dolphins franchise has a chance to do something that they've been doing since head coach and legend Don Shula left, and that is change.  No matter how many times, the NFL is about teams re-inventing themselves and finding opportunities to succeed.  The ultimate success is the Super Bowl, but people are already writing-off the Dolphins as if they lost every game last season.

No one is reporting the successfulness of the Dolphins secondary throughout the season because of Brent Grimes and Nolan Carroll.  Both became impact players last season despite the lack of pressure upfront on the defensive line.  

No one is celebrating the emergence of Ryan Tannehill in his second season after throwing for over 4,000 yards despite a lack of a running game, consistent offensive line, and a play caller that wasn't in tune with the abilities of the Dolpnins offense. 

Picking up the pieces for the Dolphins means starting anew with GM Dennis HIckey who is charged with bringing in players that aren't like the holdovers from Jeff Ireland with questionnable backgrounds.  Hickey is charged with finding the right mix of youth, veteran players with leadership and high character qualities, and ultimately players that can play.  

Bottom line, the Dolphins have nowhere to go but up. Despite the ruling from the comissioner who could issue suspensions and take a draft choice or two from Miami, the Dolphins team is a united front that has players that don't necessarily believe in the same credo or mantra as what Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin shared.  The players on this team, as they move forward will be a success and not because they believe in winning, but because they believe in eachother.  

To the media, believe in Miami this time because of the quality players such as Cam Wake who drops everything to work in the community.  Believe in Lamar Miller who knows where he comes from and doesn't hesitate to use his stature to help kids in the community.  Believe in Brent Grimes who a return in Miami means more than what's happened in the past in Miami and more about setting an example of a true leader, one that has been overcoming obstacles because of his size and plays bigger than he is.  Believe in the Dolphins front office who aims to make this team better this offseason despite the limitations and perceptions.

Overall, believe in Miami, because the Dolphins are all about being a team of community.