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From Manning to Flynning

Despite opening the Peyton Manning free agent sweepstakes as the early favorites, per Adam Schefter and the rest of the twitter world, Manning contacted the Dolphins to inform them he will not be joining their team.

It has been 13 years since the Dolphins have had a true franchise QB, and the QB needy Dolphins fan base all thought Peyton was finally the guy to come fill in the shoes of legend Dan Marino. “Manning to Miami” billboards were put up around South Florida and owner Stephen Ross made it pretty clear that the Phins would be all in for Manning.

Whether it was writing a blank check, bringing in Dan Marino, Jason Taylor and Reggie Bush to help him sell the deal, it simply wasn’t enough as Manning didn’t deem the Dolphins the best fit for him. It’s tough to decide where the blame should be placed or if it should be placed at all seeing as Peyton never felt familiar enough with the Dolphins organization.

Jeff Darlington, who has been unbelievable in covering the Dolphins side of the Peyton Manning sweepstakes recently wrote a telling article on NFL.COM about the Dolphins’ courtship of Manning.

    Even as they made a major push to sign Manning, they always had a strong sense they were never the leaders in the race. Manning was always respectful and honest through the process, sources said, and the Dolphins remained consistent to their own plans as well.

    For instance, the push for Manning did not alter the Dolphins’ plans to trade Brandon Marshall, sources said. Miami was intent on making that move, and although the Dolphins told Manning during their Monday meeting that Marshall might or might not be with the team, they never made guarantees either way.

The fans in Miami either way will have to move on. The Dolphins wasted no time shifting their focus as they did exactly what the masses thought they would do and contacted former Green Bay QB Matt Flynn. There is an obvious connection with Flynn and the Dolphins, as it was new Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin who help mold Flynn into the QB he is today.

Despite the fact that Flynn is visiting Seattle today it is believed either way he will make Miami his next destination sometime within the next 24-48 hours.

@EvanSilva: ESPN’s Adam Schefter on SportsCenter: “#Dolphins have emerged as the favorites to sign Matt Flynn. I think Dolphins are the team to beat.”

Although Stephen Ross and Jeff Ireland are known for their previous gaffes in the front office, it would be pretty hard to screw up landing Matt Flynn.

The market for Flynn isn’t what most thought it would be as it is only a two team race at the moment between Miami and Seattle. Flynn will not command the massive contract which was once speculated but I’m sure will try to squeeze every dollar out of these two teams.

So while Manning2Miami is now dead, Flynnsanity officially begins!

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