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GM Jeff Ireland’s job could now be in jeopardy

Update: It now appears that PFT has amended the timeline of the events that transpired in Miami since Jonathan Martin's departure.  According to PFT, it appears that the conversation was not prior to Martin leaving, but after.  More to come on this story as it continue to have many twists and turns.

According to Pro Football Talk, the Martin-Incognito saga has now taken a turn that could very well affect the job of GM Jeff Ireland.   PFT dropped a bombshell of sorts with news that Miami Dolphins' GM Jeff Ireland was notified by Jonathan Martin's agent Rick Smith of an issue Martin had with fellow Richie Incognito.

Based on the report by PFT, through sources, Ireland responded that he should stand up to and suggested to Smith that Martin "punch" Richie Incognito if he had a problem with him.

Here in lies a major issue with this alleged admission from sources.  For one, the Dolphins indicated there was no issue with bullying the following morning and that it was "speculation."  

Next, the Dolphins said they would reach out to the NFLPA, the following morning.  Following that Richie Incognito was suspended for "conduct detrimental to the team."  Part of this conversation, at least according to Joe Philbin on Monday is that the Dolphins knew nothing and saw nothing.  Philbin therefore knew nothing, as far as we all thought.  

At this point, how could the coach and GM know nothing on Sunday?  If in fact, Ireland knew that Martin had a major issue with Richie Incognito on Saturday night, then why didn't it get reported sooner?  Why wouldn’t he share this with coach Joe Philbin? 

All over twitter, by tomorrow, when most of the Dolphins fan base as awoken, they will be screaming Fireland!  They just might get their wish after this NFL investigation has concluded and Attorney Ted Wells has his report hot off the press on Roger Goodell's desk.