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Grading the enemy’s draft

Since the conclusion of the 2013 NFL Draft, we've outlined our thoughts and opinions regarding all nine of the Miami Dolphins selections, especially first round pick Dion Jordan. The general consensus is that Jeff Ireland's aggressive approach to the draft while sticking to his board throughout the entire process will prove to be a success. It was also key that the General Manager put the team in a position to win now without risking the future.

We thought it would be interesting to provide some insight on the Dolphins draft from a different perspective; this time from the point of view of the enemy. Our friends over at OneJetAtATime.com, the New York Jets blog here on the Bloguin network, graded each day of the Dolphins draft including an overall mark on how they think their division rivals fared.

Below is the analysis of Brian Johnson – the creater of One Jet At A Time – on the Dolphins draft haul. For my thoughts and grades on the Jets draft, click here.

Day 1:

The Dolphins would come out on Day 1 and make an immediate splash (pun intended.) Miami would trade-up with their first (12th overall) and one of their two second round (42nd overall) picks, to draft DE Dion Jordan, with Oakland's 3rd overall pick. Dion Jordan was the top pass-rusher in this draft, one the Jets would've gone 'giddy' over had he fell to 9th overall.


I like the pick for Miami, as it addressed a top need at DE, while giving them one of the best players in the draft. Giving up their 42nd overall pick was a little much, in my opinion, but if he plays up to his potential, it'll all be worth it.



Grade: B+ 


Day 2: 


Friday would bring two cornerbacks and an offensive lineman to the 'Phins. Going down the line, Miami got great value for Jamar Taylor, CB out of Boise St. He may not be Dee Milliner, the Jets' 9th overall pick, but he does bring speed and athleticism to the gridiron. There is, however, a measure of risk involved, as kidney issues are not something you can just 'fight through.' Miami will have to carefully monitor the situation. 


The 3rd round was my "sweet spot" for lineman, with the heavy amount of depth at the positions in this year's draft. Miami took advantage, like the Jets did by selecting OG Brian Winters, by using their 77th overall pick on Dallas Thomas, OT/G, out of Tenn. Miami had a need for a tackle going into the draft, but Thomas may not be developed enough by Week 1. Still, it's a solid pick. His versitility will be definitely tested on the Dolphins' line.


Miami would round out Day 2 by trading back into the 3rd (93rd overall), and going with yet another CB in Will Davis out of Utah State. Not a fan of this pick for MIA, as Davis is very raw, and really only started rising up boards because of his 5 INT's in his senior season. Besides that, he has limited football experience and often overpursues in coverage. Finally, Miami had more pressing needs than another corner. As of today, the 'Phins have 9 CB's on the roster.


Grade: C


Day 3: 


Saturday would be another day of excess, as Miami ends the day with 5 new players. It would also be a day of GM Jeff Ireland saving on transportation costs, as 3 of the 5 would come from the University of Florida.


First name to be announced: Jelani Jenkins, OLB, Florida. Jenkins is a 'meh' pick in my book, and maybe for the 'Phins front office as well. Since the draft, reports have come out that Miami wanted WR Josh Boyce, out of TCU, someone that I was extremely high on for the Jets. Instead those evil Patriots came in and stole him away from both teams, two picks before the 'Phins. Mike Mayock suggested that Jenkins may be limited to special teams to start his career, with Miami hoping he becomes the 'Aaron Hernandez-killer" in the future.


The next two picks were very smart—drafting Dion Simms, TE, Michigan St. and Mike Gillislee, RB, Florida. Simms becomes the perfect complement to ex-Jet Dusin Keller, who has never been a great blocker. Simms is a big man who can block, but still can make a catch here-and-there. Gillislee is a well-rounded back, possessing a nice mix of speed and power. Of course with that, you're limited in not having one highlight trait. He'll compete for carries right away with Daniel Thomas, among others, but one has to wonder why they passed up a steal in my eyes, Kenjon Barner, RB, Oregon.


Miami would also draft a kicker in the 5th round, Caleb Sturgis out of Florida, and safety Don Jones out of Arkansas State. A kicker with any draft pick puts the 'writing on the wall' for the incumbant, meaning the 'Phins have probably have seen enough with Carpenter. Can't you keep him? JetNation loves Carpenter. Sturgis was one of the top kickers in this year's class, with great accuracy and touch back percentages. The safety, Don Jones, is a questionable pick. There were other, higher rated safeties on the board at the time. However, I don't get too critical of 6-7th round picks, because they're all flyers that scouts, that make more money that I do, saw some promise in.


Grade: B-


Final Thoughts:


The Dolphins had picks, aplenty, this year, but missed out on some opportunities. Still, Dion Jordan could vastly improve this team on his own, along with the ridiculous depth at cornerback.Is it enough to beat out the Patriots for the top spot? Not yet, in my opinion.

Overall Grade: B-