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A letter to Dolphins fans : Hang in there Dolphins fans and stay classy !

Terrence Howard once sang “It’s hard out here for a pimp “ , well it’s much harder to be a Dolphins fan with Jeff Ireland calling the shots.

Whether it’s your friends on face book, Yahoo writers, Peter King, Mike Freeman it seems everyone is taking their best shot at Jeff Ireland and the Dolphins organization.

SI’s Peter King said “In the history of NFL general managers, Ireland is on the coldest streak ever. “

Other forms of the media have taken their shots and it appears for the second off season in a row the Dolphins are the laughing stock of the NFL. There is apparently a movement on twitter going on right now to schedule a protest in front of the Dolphins facility at 1pm tomorrow to voice the frustration of the fan base.

To make matters worse, due to the domino of Peyton Manning landing in Denver there are rumors out there that Tim Tebow might be considered by the Dolphins brass.

While it is a difficult time to be a dolphins fan with everyone laughing at us at the moment, I plead fans to stay the course. Joe Philbin just took over and there is reason for belief in a new system and product on the field.

Good teams build through the draft, Brandon Weeden and Ryan Tannehill are not short term solutions and could very well turn into franchise QB’s. The off season is not over. There is still some hope, even if very little the Dolphins organization can set things straight.

While I won’t compliment anyone because personally frustration is running high for me as well it is no time to give up on our Phins.

No matter 1-15 or 15-1, stay loyal ! I know it’s tough, and I know Ireland and Ross don’t make it easy on us but always have faith ! Phins Up ! Dolphins fans for life.

Ps : Fire Ireland !