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Things we learned from Hard Knocks episode 3!

It’s Tuesday night and time to turn your televisions back to your favorite program of the offseason, HBO’s Hard Knocks. The third episode of the program had a little less drama surrounding it as Ryan Tannehill had already been named the Dolphins starter earlier in the week and the Chad Johnson drama has come to an end ( thank the lord) .

Despite now groundbreaking news that appeals to the national media, Hard Knocks did share some interesting tidbits for Dolphins fans.

– The leadership council of Reggie Bush, Jake Long and Karlos Dansby is formed, while this isn’t the nation of domination from the old days of the WWE, after the players were asking to
find out more about the Chad situation from the coaches and Ireland, Philbin thought it was best that a leadership group was formed. Long and Bush both look like very suitable leaders, who are driven and determined to steer this team in the right direction.

– Reggie Bush is far from a diva Hollywood big name, the dude brings it every day, works hard and is a true professional

– Michael Egnew is still seriously struggling as we saw tight end coach Dan Campbell blast him again, I seriously question him as a 3rd round draft pick

– Vontae Davis is slowly starting to pick up his game, the beginnings of seeing flashes of his potential showed.

– The coaching staff likes what they see in Pat Devlin; even a Tony Romo comparison was made. Given Garrard’s injury, I would not be shocked if the Dolphins kept the cheaper Devlin on the
roster over Garrard.

– Coach Philbin also did take a hit at the local media, which has annoyed a few media members out there already.
– The end of the episode showed QB coach Zac Taylor informing Tannehill he will be named the starter, by the look from Matt Moore he saw it coming all the way. Taylor then told Moore “I
look at you as the best backup QB in the league “.  Despite the tough news Matt Moore was a class act and a true pro taking the news.

– Richie Incognito’s advice for Tannehill when he got named the starter: “Don’t fuck it up!”

That’s it for this week’s Hard Knocks, should be more entertaining and interesting Dolphins news and story lines to follow next week.