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Hard Knocks might be the wake up call Vontae Davis needs

As we all kicked back on our couches yesterday and enjoyed the first episode of Hard Knocks it wasn’t all good times and laughs as there was one major concern that came from the program.  Vontae Davis! Davis still hasn’t fully found his place in the NFL yet showing flashes of brilliances and at times moments where you simply put your hands over your head.

Earlier this week the Dolphins listed their first depth chart which surprisingly had the former first round pick Davis a part of the 2nd team unit. The move had fans quite intrigued as Davis is “suppose” to be one of the young studs on the team. While it wasn’t sure if the move was used for motivation or simply that Richard Marshall has been performing better than him, a little clarity came from this week’s Hard Knocks episode.

The episode showed Vontae’s struggles with conditioning something that kept him off the field last year and affected his play.  While by no means is it easy playing in the South Florida heat when you’re in the NFL there are no excuses.  Vontae knows he will have to up his game if he wants to see himself back with the starters. Vontae’s maturity had been questioned since his days at the University of Illinois but it is time Vontae grows up and gets to work.

The talent is absolutely there, and if he focuses and gets himself in proper game shape there is no reason he can’t be a top 10 corner in this league.

Vontae showed maturity after last night’s episode making light of the situation to a fan on twitter.

RT @VontaeDavis21@scgolfnutt1@VontaeDavis21 Hard Knocks was great. You get your ass in football shape yet my man? Haha” Getting There!!!

Dolphin’s fans have to hope that Hard Knocks might have been a bit of a wakeup call to get Vontae back into shape.